CO2 retail solutions showcased at EuroShop 2011

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CO2 refrigeration was in the spotlight of the halls dedicated to cooling at this year’s EuroShop trade fair, with several established players as well as newcomers displaying their CO2 solutions. provides an overview of some of the proposed CO2 systems. + PHOTOS

Held between 26 February and 2 March 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany, this year’s edition of EuroShop - the Global Retail Trade Fair - was the biggest in its 45-year history, with over 2,000 exhibitors from 53 countries presenting latest products for the retail sector.

Two of the exhibition halls featured the latest concepts and innovations in refrigeration technology and tomorrow’s solutions for keeping food fresh.

CO2 system solutions presented at EuroShop visited several of the booths, where companies presented their CO2 solutions, including:

Carrier: The CO2 specialist displayed CO2OLtec, its transcritical CO2 refrigeration system, that today is operating in more than 230 stores in Central and Northern Europe. The company also unveiled at the occasion of Euroshop 2011 its HybridCO2OL system, a combined refrigeration solution using R134a for medium temperature application and CO2 for low temperature application. Carrier is proposing HybridCO2OL for stores operating in mid and high ambient temperatures. Finally, the company introduced CO2OLheat, an innovative sustainable heating system technology for food retailers, enabling them to eliminate completely the need for additional fossil fuels for heating purposes. The CO2OLheat unit is a compact, factory built, standardised add-on module for the Carrier CO2OLtec™ refrigeration system. It includes plate heat exchangers, variable speed pumps, control valves, and an electrical switch box with controls. Its modular design allows customers to select a combination of different heating and domestic hot water settings that perfectly match the CO2OLtec range, delivering up to 260kW of heat.

Advansor: The Danish-based CO2 pioneer showcased its integrated CO2 refrigeration unit, compSUPER XS (model 2x1) at the EuroShop booth. The XS-series is designed for smaller capacities and applications within the field of commercial refrigeration or air conditioning. In addition, Advansor presented its compSUPER S. The B-series offers 4 cylinder compressors from Bitzer, optional inverter drive and optimised control features and an expansion of the application range towards both smaller and bigger units to target the small retail sector, as well as light industry and large supermarket applications.

Green & Cool: Targeting an entirely new market segment, Green & Cool launched new CO2 compact units suitable for small supermarkets, petrol stations, offices and other businesses. The compact CO2 refrigeration units feature integrated gas coolers/condensers and are designed for outdoor installation, on a roof for example, with the installation being simpler in most cases and requiring less piping. On display were Crystal CCU, a multiple temperature range compact condensing unit, Mistral CCU, a single temperature range compact condensing unit as well as Crystal CDU, a multiple temperature range condensing unit.

SCM Frigo: SCM Frigo displayed its transcritical CO2 booster system for supermarkets that consists of a combination of a transcritical pack MWT MTDX and a subcritical pack UMCE BT connected in a common refrigerant circuit.

Frigo-Consulting AG: Revamping the company logo on the occasion of Euroshop 2011, the Swiss CO2 expert that has engineered in the past 4 years more than 73 transcrtitical CO2 installations, provided information about recent CO2 projects they have been involved with, including a latest project whereby waste heat recovery from the transcrtitical CO2 refrigeration system is conducted with the help of an absorption system. As result, 6-8% of electrical energy savings are expected.

Kältering AG/ Alpiq: The group Kältering, of which Alpiq is a member, provided information on their KR-CO2 systems, which they continuously optimise. Nowadays the trend in Switzerland is towards booster systems.

MAJA: The specialist for energy efficient and environmental-friendly flake-ice machines presented its RVH CO2-D machine for direct CO2 operation. As the ideal solution for filling fish counters in supermarkets and fish stores with ice, MAJA’s CO2 flake ice machines are very widely used in Europe and especially in France. The sales and engineering experts at the MAJA booth confirmed to that every big retailer in France has at least some stores with CO2 flake ice machines, including Auchan, Leclerc, Intermarché and more that are equipped with MAJA's machines. They also added that the CO2 ice flake machine market has been growing rapidly in the last 3 years thanks to its significant energy- and cost-savings.

Epta: Counting already more than 100 CO2 installations worldwide, Epta displayed new versions of Eptagreen, its natural refrigerant compressor-packs, based on inverter technology that enables continuous modulation of refrigerating capacity, adapting power to load requirements. A CO2/R134a and a transcritical CO2 version were on display. With the aim of diffusing knowledge of CO2 technology and its advantages, the company has created a training centre in the UK for engineers and specialised technicians.

Norpe: The Finnish manufacturer of commercial refrigeration, presented a transcritical CO2 system by Advansor, as well as a new CO2 evaporator and showcases that can be used with CO2.

Euronova Rerigeration AB: The Swedish company provided information about their FlexiChiller low temperature CO2 module that is compactly built in a frame where the scroll compressor helps keep the dimensions down.

KMW Kühlmöbelwerk Limburg: Branded as the only company in the cooling and refrigeration unit sector that still produces in Germany, KMW launched at EuroShop a R744/R290 cascade system with heat recovery function. The refrigeration units are integrated in an energy efficient cooling-warming multicompressor refrigeration system for positive cooling and freezing.

Hauser: The Austrian specialist for refrigeration engineering, showcased at their booth a CO2 booster system by Advansor, as well as their own CO2-Hybrid arrangement, combining HFCs for the normal circulation with carbon dioxide for the deep cooling.

Refra: The Lithuanian manufacturer of refrigeration equipment showcased a CO2 subcritical system featuring compressors by Emerson. 


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Mar 04, 2011, 10:28

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