UPDATED: R744.com reporting live from the International Congress of Refrigeration in Prague

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This week, the 23rd International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR) will be showcasing the latest developments and progress in refrigeration equipment, including carbon dioxide applications. During the 5-day congress R744.com will be reporting live from the event. UPDATE: Papers now available to download from IIR website +PHOTOS

Bringing together expertise from nearly all refrigeration fields, the 23rd International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR) is taking place in Prague, Czech Republic 21-26 August 2011.

Event highlights
  • Highlights, 22 August 2011: Opening ceremony - Plenary lecture by Professor Susan Roaf on building & technology adaptation - Plenary lecture by Lambert Kuijpers on the development of refrigeration, climate change science and international legislation
  • ICR - Advances in vapour compression cycles and equipment design: R744.com reports on research presented at the International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR) on CO2 vapour compression and equipment design. New research on oil-free systems could improve R744 system performance, whilst presented studies advised on CO2 heat exchanger design and reviewed CO2 compressor development. 
              Papers available to download:
  • R744 heat pump performance analysed in ICR research papers: On the fourth day of the International Congress of Refrigeration two technical sessions on “Heat Pumps and Natural Refrigerants” were organised highlighting results for CO2 heat pump performance for commercial and residential applications. R744.com presents a summary of three of the research papers, from Asia, Europe and the USA.
              Papers available to download:
  • ICR – Research on energy recovery from CO2 refrigeration systems: On 25 August at the International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR) the first operating experiences of energy recovery systems for CO2 refrigeration plants were presented. R744 reports on three papers from the technical session “Energy use and energy efficiency” that demonstrate the feasibility of installing heat recovery and work extraction devices that could significantly reduce indirect and direct emissions of commercial refrigeration systems.
            Papers available to download:
  • ICR – Korean study of solar hybrid CO2 heat pump systems: On Wednesday 24 August at the seminal International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR) research on a CO2 solar hybrid heat pump for residential applications was presented in a technical session on “Solar and waste heat cooling”. The research paper showed the importance of heat pump operating temperature and outdoor operating temperature on solar collector efficiency, solar collector heat, and heating COP. 
             Paper available to download:
  • ICR Conference 2011: CO2 secondary coolant systems: At the International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR) held at the end of August Danfoss presented research investigating energy efficiency and control strategies for CO2 secondary coolant applications. According to the paper the difference in total energy consumption between a secondary glycol system and secondary CO2 system was 32%, with CO2 brine systems providing clear energy savings.
            Paper available to download:

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Aug 23, 2011, 14:18

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