Upcoming milestones for CO2 Technology in 2008

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Key decisions are expected in 2008 regarding the refrigerant R744 (CO2) as a number of meetings and conferences focus on CO2 Technology in different applications. Plan your year ahead with R744.com’s comprehensive overview of events you shouldn't miss.

Both in mobile and stationary applications, the choice of refrigerant and corresponding systems have become one of the most pressing items on the business agendas of industry players worldwide. Therefore, the year 2008 could hold major announcements from manufacturers and suppliers to opt for the natural refrigerant CO2. R744.com gives you a short overview of the most relevant events:


January: AHR Expo

The world’s largest exposition for the Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry features over 1,850 exhibits covering energy-efficient equipment, systems, components and technology. Green building and sustainable heating and cooling solutions will be the main focus of the 72 educational sessions offered at that event.

February: HVAC&R Japan 2008

Under the theme “What we can do”, the 35th HVAC&R expo will focus on innovative equipment and systems that could provide global solutions to environmental challenges. At an international seminar on 15 February specialists in the fields of refrigerants and refrigeration will discuss present technology market trends and future prospects of natural refrigerants to replace HFCs.

March & April: China CIHE&HVAC / China Refrigeration

Two major events in March and April 2008 will draw attention to the increasing importance of the Chinese heating, air conditioning and refrigeration market. With 35,000 visitors expected, CIHE&HVAC will be the largest and most influential trade platform for the HVAC industry in the whole Asian area, combining for the first time the separate events CIHE and HVAC China. More than 860 companies from 30 countries will exhibit at the China Refrigeration one month later which has become the most important place for industry players to express their opinions of the future direction of the industry. At least one seminar at this event will focus exclusively on natural refrigerants and the lessons that China can draw from Europe.

May: 9th IEA Heat Pump Conference

The International Energy Agency organizes this global conference every three years to promote heat pump technologies through discussions, networking, and information exchange. The event will cover issues such as technology, markets, policy and standards affecting the use of heat pumps, including those using natural refrigerants. The programme also covers all air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment based on heat pumping technology.

September: 8th IIF/IIR Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Working Fluids

The key event for the advancement of natural refrigerants in heating and cooling worldwide will gather scientists and industry experts to discuss refrigerant properties, heat transfer and low emission systems. As in previous editions, the event will mostly focus on R744 in heat pumps, commercial and industrial refrigeration and Mobile Air Conditioning.

October: IKK & Chillventa

In October, two events in Germany will compete for visitors and exhibitors showcasing latest products and services in the HVAC&R sector. While the IKK is already organized for the 28th time, Chillventa aims to establish itself as the “new face” of the heating and cooling industry. An International Heat Pump Symposium following the latter (18-19 Oct) will discuss “Possibilities and limits of heat pumps in existing private and commercial buildings”. Alternative refrigerants and new technologies will be a key item at both exhibitions.


January: JSAE Symposium Automotive Air-Conditioning

As the first event of the year to focus exclusively on Mobile Air Conditioning, the JSAE symposium will explore challenges and benefits of introducing new refrigerants, such as R744 (CO2). Besides technical issues the meeting will also discuss the Life Cycle Climate Performance (LCCP) of proposed alternatives with a special emphasis on the Japanese automotive market.

February: VDA Alternative Refrigerant Winter Meeting

One of the annual highlights, this event will gather experts from all around the world to discuss latest advancements in Mobile Air Conditioning systems and refrigerants. It is also expected to shed light into the choice of refrigerant in future cars. After the decision of the German car industry to opt for R744, all eyes will now be on other manufacturers (European, Asian and American).

June: SAE Automotive Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium

The 3rd key meeting to discuss refrigerants in Mobile Air Conditioning in 2008 will focus on the rapid industry move towards a phase-out of HFC-134a in the EU, and the possible selection of one refrigerant to meet global environmental and consumer demands. Panel discussion groups will explore latest developments in R774 systems which will “become commonplace in Europe”, as the event description puts it, as well as competing systems. More specifically, the event will address component designs, performance, efficiency, reliability, system servicing and consumer acceptance of all proposed alternatives.


By R744.com team (@r744)

Jan 08, 2008, 00:00

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