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The VIRTUAL VEHICLE Competence Center (ViF) presents its expertise in thermo & fluid dynamics on ViF is a specialist on virtual engineering and simulation models enhancing R744 components and automotive HVAC systems.

The independent Austrian research company VIRTUAL VEHICLE Competence Center (ViF) offers services in the field of Thermal Management, HVAC and Climate Comfort, as well as Coupled Simulation and Heat Transfer. To strive for full vehicle analysis, the centre develops and verifies new technologies and the expands the use of simulation models. ViF’s engineering services for automotive heating and cooling include the simulation and testing of single components and complete systems. The Center also offers training and consultancy to help close the gap beween academic research and industry needs.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE has gained expertise in the optimization of R744 HVAC systems through simulation and experimental investigation.

--image1--ViF has invested in sophisticated simulation models built on the modelling tool Dymola and the AirConditioning Library from Modelon to improve the heating and cooling mode of CO2 systems in an integrated approach taking into account the single components' interaction within the system.

ViF's engineering services

Key services for Mobile Air Conditioning include:
  • Measurement of characteristic component parameters, e. g. compressor, accumulator, heat exchanger, expansion valves
  • Testing of system behavior of the refrigerant cycle and vehicle testing
  • Simulation: development of 1D-simulation models for components and cycle, CFD Simulation
  • Investigation of reversible systems for heating and cooling

Founded in 2002, ViF is established as a well-known player in the area of vehicle development. As a main shareholder, the Graz University of Technology links the Center with more than 20 institutes, enabling technical innovations in virtual vehicle creation. ViF's cooperation network comprises more than 40 industry partners, including Audi, AVL, BMW, MAN and Magna.


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Nov 21, 2007, 00:00

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