Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioning Europe partners with

By Janet Thompson, Jul 12, 2013, 10:05 1 minute reading

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioning Europe is a leading global company active in residential, commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems. MHIAE has joined as a Silver Partner to bring its CO2 Q-ton heat pump for commercial application faster to market.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, one of the largest of the approximately 200 independent companies within the Mitsubishi community, is active in a variety of different sectors from air conditioning to aerospace, from power systems to ship building. The company has been involved in the design and manufacture of refrigeration systems since 1920 and now offers more than 700 different product ranges.

Leading product areas

  • Air conditioners
  • Heat pumps
  • Chillers

Q-ton CO2 heat pump coming to

Released in 2011, the Q-ton commercial use heat pump, which employs CO2 as a refrigerant, is capable of achieving a hot water temperature of 90°C at a COP of just 4.3 and ambient air temperatures as low as -25°C. Unlike conventional products, which, in low ambient air temperatures, are hindered by inadequate performance, an inability to generate the required hot water volume and poor efficiency, the Q-ton ensures greater operating performance in cold settings. This is due to the Q-ton’s combination of the world’s first two-stage scroll-rotary compressor, developed by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, with the natural and environmentally-friendly refrigerant CO2.

The Q-ton’s operating efficiency is highlighted by its ability to maintain a COP of over 2.3 at -25°C. At a COP of 2.3, it outperforms traditional combustion boilers even when factors such as plant efficiency and power transmission efficiency come into play, thus contributing to renewable energy usage in low temperature environments all year round. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will soon be presenting the Q-ton heat pump on their partner page.

MHIAE is proud to be a partner with to promote and support the use of natural refrigerant for the supply of sanitary hot water,” said Herve Mariage, Deputy Manager Heat Pump Sales Division.


By Janet Thompson

Jul 12, 2013, 10:05

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