UPDATE: Mostra Convegno 2014: R744.com partners shine spotlight on CO2 technology

By Janaina Topley Lira, Jun 06, 2014, 17:06 4 minute reading

R744.com was on site at the biennial Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) 2014, from 18 – 21 March, to see the very latest in commercial and residential climate control technologies. The international trade fair welcomed more than 2000 exhibitors, including many leading natural refrigerant component and system manufacturers. Read about the very latest CO2 compressors, gas coolers, valves, filters, tubing, and fittings in part 1 one our reporting about the MCE 2014 products on show

R744.com Gold Partners exhibiting at MCE 2014
Alfa Laval: Unveiled at the MCE 2014 was the AC1000 XTRM, the largest dual circuit heat exchanger on the market and the FlexFlow Design that uses unique plate pattern asymmetries. Instead of one-size-fits-all approach Alfa Laval develops brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE) patterns tailored by application.
Carel: In their “MCE at a glance”, the controller specialist showcased their ExV sistema, an integrated solution for controlling the evaporation temperature in air-conditioning and refrigeration units, suitable for CO2 applications. Also highlighted was the power+ for the management of DC inverter compressors and the electronic expansion valve, which can ensure energy savings of up to 30%.

Taking full advantage of their well-located and extensive exhibition space Dorin had a wide range of compressors on show, including the CD-2S double stage CO2 semi-hermetic compressor, designed specifically for transcritical operation in heat pumps and commercial refrigeration applications. The CD range also features the single stage compressors CD-H, CD-M, and CD-B.
Danfoss: With CO2 considered by the company to be among the most useful refrigerants in industrial refrigeration and food retail applications, on show at the Danfoss booth were a number of components designed for use with R744, including NRV safety valves, and GBC shut-off valves; and DMT filter driers for transcritical applications.
GEA Bock: For use with R744, GEA Bock offers one of the largest ranges of semi-hermetic CO2 compressors, and at MCE 2014 showcased the HGX 46 / 345 – 4 S CO2 T and the GEA HGX 12P / 50 – 4 CO2. Suitable for transcritical applications, the HGX 46 is a 6-cylinder compressor with a number of advantageous design features such as thermal separation on the cylinder cover and in the compressor housing, reducing superheat on the suction side.
R744.com Silver Partners exhibiting at MCE 2014
Bitzer: Displayed as “NEW”, was the 4CTC-30K 4 cylinder semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor for CO2 transcritical applications, the 4NSL – 30K CO2 4 cylinder CO2 compressor for cascade and booster systems, and the 2NSL-05K 2 cylinder compressor for subcritical and booster systems.
Castel: Attracting visitors to their stand with an ice carving display, Castel had on display a number of components for both CO2 transcritical and subcritical applications. These included new ball valves for up to 120 bar, solid core filter driers and receiver valves.
Emerson: Demonstrating their CO2 expertise Emerson had on show their Copeland compressor - Stream Series with CoreSense Diagnostics. For medium and low temperature applications, the compressor features a new electronic oil level management that can cope with up to 130 bar maximum working pressure, called the OM5.
Frascold: On display at Frascold’s booth were the SK2 series of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for CO2 subcritical applications such as cascade systems, and the TK series of compressors for CO2 transcritical applications, such a heat pumps and commercial refrigeration systems.
SCM Frigo: Although they did not have a booth at this year’s MCE, the Italian system manufacturer did exhibit their CO2 transcritical condensing unit for MT applications at the Beijer Ref stand.
SWEP: Manufacturing a complete range of brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) for high-pressure CO2 cooling applications, SWEP displayed their B9, B17 and B18, models, for applications operating up to 140 bar at 135°C, and their B12H model, suitable for applications operating at 60 bar up to 100°C.
R744.com Bronze Partners exhibiting at MCE 2014
Dena Line: New R744.com bronze partner had on display their CO2 vessels up to 500l designed to withstand working pressures as high as 140 bar, and their CO2 oil separators (patent pending) with build-in reservoir, for compressor rates up to 700 m3/h.
IBP/Wieland: Another recent addition to the R744.com bronze partnership program, IBP/Wieland showcased their K65 tube and fitting system for high pressure applications. Wieland’s K65 tubes are made of a high strength copper alloy. The tubes, together with K65 fittings by IBP, come under a joint systems guarantee that includes CO2 applications up to 120 bar.
Evapco: At the Evapco booth, sunsidiary Flex coil had on display their dry cooler / hybrid fin coil technology.
Friterm: The Turkish company exhibited their CO2 evaporators designed for cold room and frozen storage applications, and with a maximum working pressure of 60 bar. Also on display was the CO2 gas cooler, for outdoor installation, suitable for refrigeration and air conditioning applications, and with a maximum working pressure of 120 bar.


By Janaina Topley Lira

Jun 06, 2014, 17:06

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