BAC TrilliumSeriesTM condensers reduce compressor energy use by 20%

By Sofia Tasiou, Jun 23, 2014, 10:52 2 minute reading

Four TrilliumSeriesTM condensers from BAC (Baltimore Aircoil Co.) have been installed at a Roche Bros. store in Quincy, Massachusetts to improve the performance of their refrigeration system. The new installation is compatible with both CO2 and ammonia and achieves energy savings of 190,535 kWh.

The Roche Bros. BAC installation replaced the old system consisting of six air-cooled condensers. Richard Ordway, director of facilities, Roche Bros., says, “This is the second location which we converted to Trilliums. The first was at a major remodel in our Millis store, and the results there were also impressive. We experienced excellent upper ambient performance and very efficient refrigeration system operation by comparison to air-cooled condensers, so we decided to go forward with Quincy. So far, we’ve been very pleased.” 
According to BAC’s Paul Noreen, “The results have been unfailingly positive. High ambient cooling problems are now a thing of the past, and energy efficiency, which is so critical to the success of today’s supermarket, is unparalleled. Trillium condensers are the perfect enhancement for today’s well-run, energy conscious food stores.”
Technical and operational characteristics of TrilliumSeriesTM CO2 condensers
TrilliumSeriesTM condensers comprise vertically mounted aluminium microchannel heat exchangers covered by evaporative cooling pads, and high efficient, ultra-quiet electronically commutated fans with integral variable speed drives.
The hybrid condensers operate as evaporative condensers under peak ambient conditions; and otherwise operate as air-cooled condensers. This means that they operate mainly in dry mode, minimising water consumption.
Minimised water consumption and improved refrigeration performance
Hundreds of BAC Trillium condensers have been installed across the United States over the last few years. The benefits of the system include:
  • Lower refrigerant charge
  • Increased heat rejection
  • No standing water, which avoid the need for chemicals
  • Improved peak ambient refrigeration system performance
  • Reduced energy usage over the entire temperature spectrum
  • Reduced refrigerant charge
  • Reduced fan energy use of up to 75%
According to Shafi Malek, director of refrigeration, Roche Bros., TrilliumSeriesTM condensers reduce by 20°C the temperature of the refrigerant coming off the condenser coil under peak ambient conditions and therefore result in approximately 20% compressor energy savings and a substantial increase in cooling capacity.
NGRID study on TrilliumSeriesTM installation energy savings
According to an independent study complied on behalf of NGRID, the electric utility company that supplied the Quincy store, the installation of the Trillium condensers is estimated to result in annual savings of 190,535 kWh. 
The cost of the project was $205,000, which NGRID provided a rebate incentive of $65,000 towards. 
About Baltimore Aircoil Company
As a leader in energy efficient heat transfer technology, Baltimore Aircoil Company strives to provide customers with industry leading product solutions for their application needs. Within the global food chain, BAC provides value by reducing system energy requirements though highly efficient evaporative or adiabatically cooled equipment.


By Sofia Tasiou

Jun 23, 2014, 10:52

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