Visteon: Breakthrough for CO2 technology

By team, Feb 21, 2007, 00:00 1 minute reading

The leading automotive supplier has identified significant fuel savings for drivers that use CO2 (R744) in their compact car's cooling system. This will put an end to the discussion whether R744 is efficient in small vehicles.

Extensive testing on a small Toyota Yaris equipped with a 1.0 l petrol engine (NEDC @ 5,4l A/C off) has found that R744 outperforms the current refrigerant HFC-134a not only in environmental aspects, but also in cooling performance.

At the VDA Alternative Refrigerant Winter Meeting held last week, Visteon presented its latest test results proofing that the natural refrigerant CO2 will not only reduce direct emissions from Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) systems but will also lead to a reduction of tailpipe emissions by 7 g/km. In sum, more than a 10% vehicle emissions reduction is achievable by using R744 instead of HFC-134a.

More specifically, the testing results showed that R744 systems can reduce fuel consumption
  • by 0,3l/100km (R134a 6,65l/100km vs. R744 6,33l/100km) under the NEDC at 25°C ambient temperature, and
  • by 0,5l/100km (R134a 7,38l/100km vs. R744 6,82l/100km) at 35°C ambient temperature


By team (@r744)

Feb 21, 2007, 00:00

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