ALDI Süd commits to CO2 Technology

By team, May 09, 2008, 00:00 1 minute reading

The leading food retailer ALDI Süd will install five new CO2 refrigeration systems in Germany, with more planned over the coming months.

From May on, ALDI Süd will install new transcritical refrigeration plants using CO2 (R744) in five German branches. Partnering up with Carrier Corporation, the global food retailer will thus increase the number from today seven to 12 installations, which accounts for more than 80% of all transcritical R744 systems in the country. In the German city of Krefeld alone, ALDI Süd has commited itself to use CO2 in 8 out of 11 stores by the end of 2008, with further projects planned over the coming months. The retailer is confident that the new installations will be a continuation of the success story started in 2006 when ALDI commissioned its first R744 system: “Although the initial investment in CO2 plants is higher than conventional plants, we are thinking about the long-term payback and are keen to invest in technologies that have more future potential," said Holger Schneider, who leads refrigeration technology procurements at ALDI SÜD Germany.

--image1--The company’s decision for further R744 installations is backed by its industry technical experts defining CO2 as the best combination of ecological aspects, temperature quality, the optimization of operating and energy costs, as well as service concerns. Moreover, the natural refrigerant does not fall under the scope of the EU F-Gas Regulation, reducing both direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

About ALDI Süd

A leading food retailer in Germany, ALDI Süd comprises more than 31 companies with 1.700 stores in west and south Germany, with another 1.800 in the US, UK, Austria, Ireland, Australia, and Switzerland. The group is used by three out of four German households.


By team (@r744)

May 09, 2008, 00:00

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