Chillventa - A Showcase for CO2 (Part 3)

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Last Friday, the international trade fair for the air conditioning, refrigeration & heat pump industry closed its doors. This last update covers CO2 heat pumps, transcritical oil separators, scroll compressors, plate freezers for fishing vessels, and other new R744 products on display.

The three day event held in Nuremberg, Germany, from 15-17 October revealed a rising trend for CO2 Technology across the cooling and heating industry. Although exhibitors varied in their market expectations for CO2 in different applications, most of them confirmed a steadily high interest in their R744 solutions featured at the event. System and component manufacturers widely agreed that the Scandinavian countries, and here especially Denmark, would set the pace for a rapid adoption of CO2 Technology, thereby confirming that a stringent tax policy cutting the use of HFCs is one of the most effective ways to spur sales of natural refrigerant alternatives.

The R744 Products

Sanyo: The global manufacturer is displaying its CO2 Eco Heat Pump at the booth of German retail partner company Kauth. The compact air source model delivers flow temperatures of up to 65°C and hot water at up to 50°C. Sanyo’s two-stage compressor ensures equal heating performance from -15°C to +35°C. The eco heat pump is suited for new residential buildings where it can significantly reduce investment costs due to the simultaneous use of existing heaters. It can be installed in smallest spaces inside the house.

thermea: The large scale high temperature heat pump with carbon dioxide for industrial applications is exhibited as an innovation incomparable to other products currently available on the market, the German manufacturer thermea. Energiesysteme claims. It offers its model with a nominal heating capacity of 500-4,000 kW able to produce water at 90°C. Ranges from 20 to 40 kW can be delivered on request. Models with a water outlet temperature of 130°C to 150°C are in preparation. The Coefficient of Performance is at 4.5.

Emerson Climate Technologies: The world’s leading provider of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions is showcasing two compressor models for R744 commercial refrigeration. The Copeland Scroll Compressor, launched in April for low temperature cascade systems, is the only compressor platform to have met the UL regulatory requirements for high-pressure subcritical CO2 systems in the USA. The displayed models ZO34 and ZOD104 have a horse power of 2 and 6, respectively.

DSI: The Danish supplier of large industrial systems is highlighting its R744 plate freezer. Already more than 5 years ago, DSI invested in CO2 Technology to now sell its product to operators of fishing vessels, seafood processing and slaughterhouses, among others. Besides already established markets in Scandinavia and the US, DSI is facing growing interest from Russia where some companies are seeking environmental leadership with R744 installations.

Daikin: The global supplier is presenting a world premiere, as its latest VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) model is now using the natural refrigerant CO2. It is optimised for heating function. The outside unit features a heating capacity of 31.5 kW for heating, and 28 kW for cooling. Daikin has applied a new refrigeration cycle technology with a swing compressor and a newly developed heat exchanger. The CO2 model is compatible with all VRV control and management systems.

Lu-Ve: The Italy-based manufacturing group offers unit coolers and gas coolers for industrial use. Last year, Lu-Ve developed a specific product line for R744 applications, replacing traditional HFC condensers in transcritical CO2 plants. The displayed model can be used with all types of refrigerants.

ESK Schultze: The German manufacturer is offering a whole range of oil receivers, oil separators, and heat exchangers for CO2 subcritical applications. Its newest product, a hermetic oil separator for transcritical systems, uses a coalescent element until PS 130 bar maximum operating pressure. To exchange coalescent elements in the future, the flanged oil separator is newly introduced at Chillventa. ESK Schultze, however, acknowledges that components for transcritical operation are still more cost and time intensive than subcritical ones. As a result, longer delivery times must be taken into account.

Kaori: The newly launched CO2 brazed plate heat exchanger presented on the show floor helps manufacturers of EcoCute heat pump hot water supply and low-temperature supermarket systems save material and space. The patented solution is compact and highly resistant.

Teklab: Among the components displayed for R744 applications feature different models of optic level switches. They are designed for use in level monitoring for controlling the oil or liquid CO2 flow in transcritical and subcritical applications. Teklab’s components feature high reliability control, wide temperature ranges and reduced size.

About Chillventa

The international trade fair for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps is held for the first time. Running from 15-17 October, the event accommodates more than 800 exhibitors from 43 countries. The next event will be held mid-October 2010.



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Oct 20, 2008, 00:00

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