AHR Expo: BAC features larger adiabatic condensers

The units are designed for transcritical CO2 systems used by larger supermarkets and industrial plants.

BAC Trillium adiabatic condenser at AHR Expo

Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) recently released larger versions of its Trillium adiabatic condenser, which can be used to support installations of transcritical CO2 systems at larger supermarkets and industrial plants.

The larger models can handle capacities of “over 4,000 MBTUs,” said Philip Hollander, BAC’s business manager for North American Refrigeration, at the AHR Expo in Atlanta on Tuesday. One of the adiabatic condensers is being used in a very large industrial plant in the U.S. that he was not at liberty to name.

While smaller retail outlets like those operated by ALDI US have used the Trillium units for CO2 transcritical systems, “we are seeing CO2 systems applied at larger supermarkets as well as industrial sites,” said Hollander.

Adiabatic condensers enable transcritical CO2 systems to operate in the more efficient subscritical mode in warm climates. But BAC is installing them throughout the U.S. because “it gets hot all over the country in the summer, and people want to stay subcritical [then as well],” Hollander said.

BAC works with customers to show that the Trillium condenser can save energy and thus generate a payback for the investment in the system, Hollander said. The payback, he added, is at most three years, and often “dramatically less,” depending on the climate, electric rates and other factors.

BAC expects to see more growth in the transcritical CO2 market in the U.S. this year as food retailers loosen their purse strings for capital investment after a period of retrenchment over the past few years, he said.

It gets hot all over the country in the summer, and people want to stay subcritical [then as well].”
– Philip Hollander, BAC

By Michael Garry

Jan 16, 2019, 13:27

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