Danfoss presents new CO2 Gas Cooler Solution on R744.com

By R744.com team, Jun 02, 2009, 13:49 2 minute reading

The leading supplier of refrigeration solutions is introducing its new field-proven CO2 Gas Cooler System that needs only one controller to run both high and medium pressures valves. It offers the well-known Danfoss quality featuring high efficiency and cost optimization while being easy to install and adjust.

Based on more than 10 years of experience in supplying complete control and components solutions for the subcritical and transcritical CO2 systems, the Danish-based company has now added a complete system for CO2 gas cooling to the R744.com database. The new gas cooler comprises both components already presented on R744.com, as well as new components explained in detail below. Its high quality and maximum system efficiency has been proven in extensive field test and during harsh tests in Danfoss laboratories and customers’ facilities.

The products

The components of the CO2 Gas Cooling System are as follows:

Controller for CO2 Gas Cooling, type EKC 326A (the new generation of the product already presented on R744.com): The controller can be used in R744 systems with transcritical and subcritical cooling control systems, where it regulates the pressure in the gas cooler so that the system achieves the optimal COP. It features an on/off input to start/stop regulation, where regulation stops and the valve opens when the input is closed.

High pressure expansion valve, type ICMTS (new on R744.com): The expansion valve is specifically designed for high pressure CO2 applications and has a maximum working pressure of 140 bar. The ICMTS regulates the flow of the medium by modulation or the on/off function.

Intermediate pressure valve, type ETS (new on R744.com): ETS is a series of electrically operated expansion valves for precise liquid injection in evaporators for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. The valve piston and linear positioning design is fully balanced, providing bi-flow feature as well as solenoid tight shut-off function in both flow directions.

Servo operated control valve, type ICS (already presented on R744.com): A main valve that can be used in different CO2 applications including hot gas defrost. The valve has standard MWP of 52 bar with higher working pressures available on request.

High pressure pilot valve, type CVP-XP (already presented on R744.com): The constant-pressure pilot valve is used to maintain a constant pressure on the ICS main valve inlet side and has a regulating range up to 52 bar.

About Danfoss

The Danfoss group is one of the largest industrial companies in Denmark, with its business activities divided into three main areas: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Heating & Water and Motion Controls. Its Refrigeration and Air Conditioning division, specialized on automatic controls, compressors and electronic controls & sensors, employs around 9,000 staff worldwide.


By R744.com team (@r744)

Jun 02, 2009, 13:49

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