LU-VE has over 13 years of experience in CO2. It participated in the construction of the first transcritical supermarket in Europe (2004), providing gas coolers with a spray system in transcritical operation. In 2010, LU-VE decided to invest in CO2, designing the first test plant in Europe dedicated to the heat exchangers.

As with CO2, LU-VE has developed and applied innovations it the NH3 field, introducing in 2005 a new range of unit coolers for NH3 with optimized design with very low internal volume.

In 2016 the new EMERITUS® technology was introduced, bringing together the benefits of spray systems and adiabatic pre-cooling. When EMERITUS® is applied to CO2 gas coolers, high system COP can be achieved even during the hottest hours of the year. This means that the “CO2 equator” can be redrawn, extending the geographical area where transcritical systems can be cost-effectively constructed. Applied to NH3 condensers, EMERITUS® can reduce the internal refrigerant charges by over 50% compared to an evaporative condenser.


Active from 1986, LU-VE Group has become one of the largest manufacturers of heat exchangers in the world. The companies in the Group operate in different segments of the market:

  • Refrigeration (commercial and industrial)
  • Air conditioning (civil and industrial)
  • Close control air conditioning for data centres
  • Process cooling for industrial applications and power generation
  • Glass doors for refrigeration
  • Closing systems for refrigerated counters and cabinets

LU-VE (HQ in Uboldo, Italy) is an international organization with ten production facilities in seven countries (three in Italy and one each in China, India, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia), with a network of sales companies and representative offices throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania.

A major strength of the company is its enormous investment in research and development which has led to the creation of a notable range of innovative products. These products have become a benchmark for the major constructors of heat exchangers throughout the world. The Group companies are committed to an eco-sustainable approach and constant innovation to reduce energy consumption, refrigerant charge, dimensions, weights, and to decrease noise levels and have overall smaller footprints.

Statistics about LU-VE:

  • 2,400 employees
  • 390,000 m2 facilities (160,000 m2 covered)
  • 2,500 m2 R&D laboratories
  • 80% of products exported to 100 countries around the world
  • Consolidated revenues of over € 251.3 million (31.12.2016)


LU-VE has one of the biggest Research and Development laboratories in its sector in Europe and has collaborated closely for many years with Politecnico di Milano (the Polytechnic University of Milan). Numerous other prestigious collaborations have taken place with the Universities of Grenoble, Padova, Chemnitz, Ulster and the Danish Institute of Technology in Århus.

The LU-VE laboratories are equipped with:

  • CO2 (R744) test plant for gas coolers and unit coolers for the detailed study of CO2 fluid behaviour in the heat exchanger also in trans-critical operation
  • 5 calorimetric rooms
  • Wind tunnel to study the performance of fins with specialized surfaces
  • Tube performance testing equipment, for the study and optimization of grooved-tube technology
  • 2 aerodynamic tunnels for fan tests
  • Sound level test room
  • Test plant for condensers, dry coolers and adiabatic systems
  • Test plant for heat exchanger corrosion and fouling
  • R&D area for the study of controllers and electronics
  • C.F.D. (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software



In 2000, LU-VE S.p.A. became the first company in Europe to obtain the prestigious voluntary certification "Eurovent Certify All" for the entire range of its products - a guarantee of the quality and reliability of the components selected, ensuring optimal working conditions with minimum costs for the life cycle of the system.


  • AIA/LU-VE Sweden AB - Asarum (Sweden)
  • HTS Heat Transfer Systems - Novosedly na MoravÄ› (Czech Rep.)
  • LU-VE Digital – Uboldo, VA - Italy
  • LU-VE Exchangers – Uboldo, VA - Italy
  • LU-VE Heat Exchangers (Changshu) Ltd. - Changshu (Cina)
  • SEST – Limana, BL - Italy
  • SEST-LUVE Polska – Gliwice (Poland)
  • OOO "SEST-LUVE" - Lipetsk (Russia)
  • SPIROTECH Heat Exchangers - Bhiwadi, Rajasthan (India)
  • TECNAIR LV – Uboldo, VA – Italy
  • TGD Thermo Glass Doors – Travacò Sicc., PV (Italy)



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