Established in 1982, TEKO designs and manufactures industrial and commercial heating and cooling solutions using natural refriegrants CO2 (R744), ammonia (NH3, R717) and hydrocarbons (R290). TEKO offers tried-and-tested, tailored solutions for tens of thousands of applications in the areas of:

  • Food retail
  • Food production
  • Commerical refrigeration
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Medical refrigeration
  • Transport refrigeration
  • Warehouses

The company is headquartered in Altenstadt, Germany, with subsidieries in France, Poland, Russia and Singapore. TEKO is also affiliated with sister companies Europe-wide, which include WURM, REISS, Refriswiss, Centercon, Fritec and Refritec. 

TEKO takes a holistic approach to its refrigeration solutions, strongly considering factors such as energy efficiency and long-lasting, future-proof technology. More than 40 technicians and engineers work towards innovative, cost-effective solutions that do not have adverse effects on the environment. 

CO2 rack technology

Since 2006, TEKO has been developing CO2 racks and has more than 2,530 systems already installed (status 26/04/2018). This resulted in a standardised CO2 series: ROXSTA

  • CO2 transcritical → more than 1012 systems installed
  • CO2 subcritical → more than 1529 systems installed

CO2 test and training center

TEKO's test and training center has its own supermarket which allows the company to carry out a wide variety of test procedures and analyses on subcritical and transcritical circuits, cascade connections, control strategies, and much more. The knowledge gained from this is fed directly into further development of the CO2 technology.

Introducing the EVALIFT

The TEKO patented EVALIFT ejector offers a simple, safe solution to increase the evaporation temperature and thus the unit’s efficiency.  Integrated static, as well as dynamically controllable ejectors are also available. In combination with EVALIFT, this variant (TEKOJET) can bring special efficiency points. The control is implemented via the Wurm control system.




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