V21 - CO2 bottle and can vending machine

  • 3 different can capacities available
  • North-America (USA and Canada), Central and Latin America, Asia Pacific

Designed and manufactured by SANDENVendo America, Inc. SANDEN vending machine (model 621, 721 and 821) combines green benefits of R744 and superior technology.  

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions (H x W x D in cm): 183 x 83 x 80 for model 621, 183 x 100 x 88 for model 721, 201 x 100 x 88 for model 821 (see brochure for dimensions in inches)
  • Total PET bottle / can capacity: 240 / 544 for model 621, 300 / 680 for model 721, 360 / 800 for model 821
  • Number of Selections / Columns: 6 / 8 for model 621, 8 / 10 for model 721, 8 / 10 for model 821
  • Ranges: 115V and 60Hz  to 230V and 50Hz

  • International Certifications: UL, CE, TUV/GS, RoHS, and ENERGY STAR
  • LED Lighting kit (Optional)

  • Commercial refrigeration

  • North-America (USA and Canada), Central and Latin America, Asia Pacific

For more information, contact SANDEN Vendo America, Inc.

Part of SANDEN group, SANDEN VENDO offers a wide range of top-of-class CO2 vending machines responding to the needs of the most demanding client. After revolutionizing the convenience industry with the creation of the world’s first vending beverage machine in 1937, SVA has continued to make advancements in the vending field that blend modern design with technology. Today, SVA is one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of electronic, high-capacity, chilled beverage machines. SVA is committed to green businesses global excellence and will continue to foster cooperation and collaboration among all Sanden/Vendo worldwide operations.


SANDEN Vendo America Inc.
SANDEN Vendo - V21 trade stack vendor

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