CDS compressor range

  • Semi-hermetic piston compressor for booster and cascade systems
  • Features high efficiencies and enhanced design

  • Description

    Dorin has developed a range of semi-hermetic piston compressor for booster and cascade CO2 commercial refrigeration systems featuring high efficiencies and enhanced design.

    Technical Specifications
    • Displacement: 1,89 m3/h – 48,8 m3/h
    • Number of cylinders: 2 - 4
    • High operating pressures (PS = 53 bar, Pss = 40 bar)
    • Low and high pressure relief valves supplied under the standard scope of delivery
    • Wide application envelope
    • Extra-robust gear design
    • Generously sized electric motor
    • Enhanced lubrication by special innovative internal design
    • Suitable for inverter operation – 25Hz to 90Hz for certain models

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