ROXSTAcube mini

By TEKO, published May 31, 2018

The ROXSTAcube mini solution is perfectly suited for the extension or retrofitting of refrigeration applications with a lower demand for medium and low temperature cooling.

Flexible installation

ROXSTAcube mini is available for indoor or outdoor installation.

  • Without sound insulation for indoor installation
  • With basic sound insulation for indoor and outdoor installation (10 dB(A) sound reduction*)
  • With advanced sound insulation for indoor and outdoor installation (15 dB(A) sound reduction*)

* max. values according to the installation situation


  • Medium temperature up to 40 kW. 2 transcritical CO2 compressors
  • Low temperature up to 7 kW. 0...1 subcritical COcompressors
  • Frequency converter included

Design pressure

  • 30 bar suction line (low temperature)
  • 45 bar suction line (medium temperature)
  • 45 / 60 bar medium pressure
  • 120 bar high pressure side

Dimensions & Weight

Completely mounted and tubed unit

  • Transcritical and subcritical compressors by Bitzer or Frascold
  • Frequency converter included
  • Oil regulation system
  • Safety devices conform to DIN EN 378
  • Switch cabinet with electronic control – Wurm Systeme
  • Ball stop valve before and after high and medium pressure valve (before HP valve loosely enclosed)
  • Flash gas heat exchanger
  • Ball stop valve for the common discharge line of the medium temperature cooling (loosely enclosed)
  • Suction filter in combination with ball stop valve (loosely enclosed) on suction line (MT)
  • Liquid set consisting of two ball stop valves and sight glass
  • Insulation on suction side
  • Antivibration pads for optimal positioning with low vibration
  • Safety valves station


Suited for the extension or retrofitting of refrigeration applications with a lower demand for medium and low temperature cooling.


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