EUROKLIMAT is an Italian manufacturer of commercial and industrial heating and cooling solutions, specifically for comfort cooling, process cooling, precision air conditioning and high-tech products. 

  • Comfort Cooling: Climate-friendly water chillers and heat pumps using propane (R290) specially designed for comfort applications.
The line of products have flexible configurations and accessories, making them suitable for different applications, are low noise and deliver impressive energy savings.

  • Process Cooling: Equipment designed for industrial heating and cooling requirements, developed by experts who have been in close contact with production cycles and operational issues for many years. EUROKLIMAT offers the optimal solution in various applications of the Process industry.

  • Precision Air Conditioning: Control technology delivering air purity and interior thermo-hygrometric conditions. Different needs are handled in a custom way and overcome with flexible and easy-to-apply solutions using environmentally-friendly components.

  • High-Tech Products: EUROKLIMAT has expanded its company mission to: maximise efficiency, save energy and respect the environment. High-tech, cutting-edge technology using natural refrigerants including CO2 (R744) and hydrocarbons help make this possible.



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