JBG-2 is a dynamically developing producer of refrigeration appliances for shops and supermarket chains.
By way of combining the latest technologies used for our production with high quality of customer service, we gained a broad circle of satisfied partners, including: Auchan Group, Metro Group, Tesco, Delhaize, Spar, as well as many other local commercial chains in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Starting from 2008, JBG-2 produces remote equipment for R744 (CO2) refrigerant for customers from countries leading in installations basing on that refrigerant. Thanks to high quality, our equipment prepared for CO2 are being used by many retailers in such countries as Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Sweden. Last days Poland has joined the list of countries using JBG-2 equipment of Green Technology series.
This time, JBG-2 has supplied the equipment for CO2 together with full installation. Safe, transcritical CO2 installation (60bar) has been equipped with compressors made by Green&Cool company - world leading producer of cooling units using ecological refrigerant as a carbon dioxide. JBG-2 is the only polish manufacturer which can supply complex solution as for that Ecological Technology.


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