Ammonia / CO2 Cascade System

Cascade system using ammonia and CO2 for commercial refrigeration. It has an ultralow ammonia charge.

The Ammonia Cascade System by Kysor Warren uses ammonia (NH3) and CO2 for commercial refrigeration. Ammonia cools the CO2, while only the latter enters the store. The CO2 then cools the refrigerant cases. 

The Ammonia Cascade System uses an ultra-low ammonia charge. Due to this, regulatory reporting and tracking are typically not required. 

The cascade system is divided into two parts: the ammonia system and the evaporative fluid cooler with glycol are located on the rooftop. The hybrid CO2 system and the glycol pump station are inside the store. 

Compared to a system using HFCs, the Ammonia Cascade System requires smaller equipment, fewer compression cycles and less piping. The environmental friendly refrigerants are also free of any danger for a phase-out. The purchase price for the refrigerants is lower, too. 

For the Ammonia Cascade System, Kysor Warren uses leading design equipment, so less maintenance is needed. The design of the system integrates a fully automated oil recovery system. Kysor Warren also offers the SleepWellTM training and support. 

The motors of the system are open drive reciprocating. They also come with variable frequency drives (VFD). The cascade heat exchanger is direct expansion, while the plate heat exchanger (PHE) has an electronic expansion valve. 

Other benefits of the Ammonia Cascade System are:
  • Leak detection
  • Purge ventilation
  • Water solubilizing system for the ammonia unit on the rooftop
  • Compressor heat is discharged for the use with hot water
  • Integrated commercial refrigeration control system
  • Remote monitoring
  • Weather protection panel

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