Coalescing Oil Separator - 130 Series

• Optimised for R744 transcritical HT, MT and LT applications
• Filters dirt out of the refrigerant & oil; separates the oil from the refrigerant


Temprite developed the 130 Series R744 coalescing oil separators and components specifically for transcritical CO2 applications. 130 Series products feature the most efficient and cost-effective oil/refrigerant filtering and separation technology available.

Basic Specifications (applies to 133A, 135A, 137A, 139A)
  • New Temprite Model 139A has twice the capacity of the 137A, and is specially designed to accommodate larger systems.
  • In some cases, the new 139A can replace two 137A’s.
  • Standard Filter Kits and Clean-Up® Filter Kits are now available for the 130 Series.
  • All products in the 130 Series are optimised for CO2 transcritical applications.
  • Dual function: filtering dirt out of the refrigerant and oil; separating the oil from the refrigerant gas.
  • CE marked: complies with the European Pressure Equipment Directive, UL and ULC approved, CRN approved.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 130 bar.
  • Application range: suitable for high, medium and low temperature applications.
  • Efficiency: nominal 98.5%+ separation efficiency rating.
  • Filtration: Sub-micron particulate retention rating.
  • Connection sizes: 1/2" npt to 2” npt.
  • Integral oil reservoir with sensor port.
  • High Efficiency: most efficient oil-refrigerant filtering/separation technology available; 98.5%+ separation efficiency level across the widest range of mass flow.
  • Energy saving: minimizes the amount of oil in the evaporator which improves heat transfer efficiency.
  • Cost saving: ensures shorter compressor run times.
  • Easy changing of filter element: the removable top plate allows for an easy filter change after it has captured the excess dirt circulating in the system.
  • Monitoring of the internal oil level: the integral oil reservoir and sensor port enables monitoring of the internal oil level and the controlled return of the cleaned oil to the compressor crank case for continued lubrication of the moving parts.
  • Individually adjustable mounting feet: allows for variable field leveling and adjustment.


Temprite Product Catalog 2013
Coalescing Oil Separators

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