eCO2 Boost System

By Kysor Warren, published Jun 22, 2018

The eCO2 Boost System from Kysor Warren is a transcritical booster rack system for display cases and walk-in coolers in commercial refrigeration.

The eCO2 Boost System allows a store to only use natural refrigerants, which decreases the risk of regulatory phase-out, expensive retrofits and the need for leak management products. 

Compared to HFC operated systems, the eCO2 Boost System helps to save 5 – 10% of energy. It uses R744, which is safe to use and has well-known properties. The costs of CO2 as refrigerant and the ecological footprint of it are very low, too. 

The transcritical booster rack system now offers enhanced options. It is available with parallel compression and multi-ejectors. The performance in warm climates is improved as well. With a fast pull-down of the CO2 case controllers, the eCO2 Boost System promises a long lifetime. 

Kysor Warren offers the SleepWellTM service to its customers. This service offers training, installation and support if there are problems with the rack. 

The small footprint design of the eCO2 Boost System can be used as an indoor and outdoor application. With its open design it can be accessed from all sides. The cabinet is built from painted metal. You can either purchase it as a welded frame or as a Huck bolt frame, which eliminates the need for welding. To minimize noise and vibration, the rack is mounted on springs. 

Technical Details: 
  • Dimensions (h x l x w): (2 x 4,11 m – 6,10 x 0,81 m)
  • LT Capacity: 35,000 – 280,000 BTUH 
  • MT Capacity: 240,000 – 1,000,000 BTUH 
  • Available in 208 V, 460 V and 575 V 


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