• High-pressure vertical receiver RCO+WT
  • Operates at pressures of 160 bar

Klimal by Frigomec is a specialist in pressure components and vessels for R744. From receivers, shell&tube heat exchangers, liquid and oil separators to filter drier housings, Klimal boasts an extensive range for different sized applications.
Among its advanced pressure vessel and heat exchanger technology, Klimal’s high-pressure vertical receiver RCO+WT operates up to pressures of 160 bar and is capable of extending to an outside diameter of 1000mm. The size and diameter can be customised to the customer’s needs.
Liquid receivers are specifically designed to send liquid-phase refrigerant, in this case CO2, to the expansion valve. The RCO+WT is fitted with Klimal’s finned pipes to improve heat exchanger capacity and is available in different applications such as standstill cooling, flash gas and superheating etc., where a low-pressure drop is also required.
Another primary focus for Klimal is its finned heat exchanger tubes by Frigomec S.p.A. Design pressures up to 200 bar and a temperature range between -100°C and 300°C. are available with customized designs for varying project solutions.
“The RCO + WT is an excellent integrated and compact solution for the heat exchange, available for the more efficient CO2’s plant” – says Ruggero Pampanin, technical manager for Klimal by Frigomec
Other components in Klimal’s range include:
  • Separators: the SEL and SED liquid separators with optional demister and different sizes and lengths for design pressure of 120 bar and temperature 130°C;
  • Oil separators: the SPO oil separator with coalescent filter replacement capability, design pressure 130 bar and design temperature 160°C.
  • Shell & tube heat exchangers: for gas coolers, evaporators and condensers, the WVECD and WTVECD models are both equipped with high-efficiency internal finned tubes, designed for a pressure up to 150 bar and temperature 160°C.
  • Filter dryers: Klimal’s FDR filter is suitable for solid core units and available for horizontal and vertical applications. The FDR filter is available with optional sight glass, and with different connection sizes.
  • Mufflers: specifically for transcritical applications, the PGD pulsation muffler reduces noise.
About Klimal by Frigomec
Klimal by Frigomec is a well-known brand name of Frigomec S.p.A., European leader in the manufacturing of refrigeration components for the global market, including CO2 specialised pressure vessels and heat exchangers for a broad size range of applications. After more than 48 years, the company recently spread its wings, opening a new facility in Villa Bartolomea, Italy, which is equipped with top of the line welding, brazing and painting systems across 3.000 m2 of floor space. 


Klimal vertical receiver RCO+WT

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